Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fail...just spend another 40 quid on River Island

My plan was to save a bit of money for Christmas, but I already failed. Damn, why did River Island just sent a newsletter informing that they offer free shipping on all orders placed till tomorrow. I had to browse through the River Island online store and of course found something. To be exact, those two shirts you can see below. I did flirt with them for months, but due to my 'no shopping before Christmas rule' never bought them. Now I'm 40 pounds worse off and feel bad, however as soon as I'll receive them I'll be happy again. LOL

Ohhh and by the way; it's free shipping on any orders world wide at River Island right now. It doesn't matter how many pieces you order and where you want it to be delivered, it will be for free as long as you order until Friday midnight.

River Island finds


  1. Like them both, good choice!

    1. Thanks, already got some bad feedback of friends. Good to have someone on my side :-)