Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Look of the Day N° 103 - I'm ravin' I'm ravin'

Hi guys. Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I was just too exhausted. I'm trying to loose weight, but just can't stop eating chocolate, so I decided to party a lot instead. Ha Ha. Nah, not really. It's just that I got promoted and have 50 pence more to spend per month. LOL

Not sure, if you have heard of the Mannheim/GER based record label Cécille. They had their first ever label night in London on Sunday at my beloved Village Underground. Sunday, right..it was quite nice to attend another Sunday afternoon party here in London. I used to do this quite often, when living in Berlin, but as it's not very popular here in London to go partying on a Sunday it's quite rare that I actually have the possibility to do this here in London. Means as soon as a good Sunday rave is announced I'm in.

I already told you that I'm very into glitter and outrageous clothes for my night or in this case better day out. I love glitter, but I adore it during the day as the sun makes it sparkling a lot more. 

As I didn't wear loud colours for the clothing I decided to 'Richtig auf die Kacke hauen' (indeed, English readers google this one and let me know, the translation you've found -ha ha-) with accessories. So I did put on my glittering cat mask purchased from H&M ages ago and lots of golden glitter around my eye. What do you think? Are you similar, when partying or do you like it more casual?

denim shorts - Forever 21 │ top - vintage │ mask - H&M


  1. great idea to wear that mask like a headband...looks good

    1. I actually never worn it as a mask since I've bought it ;-)