Saturday, 1 December 2012

Damn, too much party!

Sorry guys, I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. It's just that I'm working my ass of to lose some kilos (it's Christmas in 3 weeks!) and attend Zumba classes 4 times a week after work. When coming home I'll just chill and can't be bothered to take pictures for an outfit post. At the same time I have many ideas, what to write blog posts about. Plus on top;the udobuy coat and the boots arrived a week ago and as some of you have requested a feedback as soon as they arrive I'm gonna write a review about. I will definitely do this and try to at least publish a post every 2nd day, whilst the exhausting and late Zumba lessions.

Please find below a picture of me just before I left for the Unleash Katermukke warehouse party yesterday. Both djs Dirty Doering & Britta Arnold have done better and the crowd was bloody lethargic. So I was quite happy I got an early bird and just paid 11 pounds instead of 35 as some people did, who had to buy a last release ticket. Thank good they ran a free after party for everyone, who'd attend the main party. It was really nice and I danced a lot from 6am this morning til 10:30am.

As it was a Katermukke party (Katermukke = record label of Kater Holzig, which is owned by the same people, who did run the Bar 25) I wanted to create a special and more outrageous look than usually. Therefore I bought those craft glitter stickers from the pound shop and stuck a few of them on my head. I also put lots of glitter in gold around my eyes. What do you think? Like it?



  1. Replies
    1. Ja ich weiß, aber mit Typie am Start ist man so lazy...

  2. Wie hast du den Glitzer ins Gesicht bekommen? Sieht super aus! <3

    1. Hab einfach nur Creme unten drunter aufgetragen. Wenn die zusammen mit dem Glitzer antrocknet, hält das eigentlich ganz gut.