Not all those, who wander are lost

In this post I want to tell you a bit about the planned route (as far as I can name this rather vague framework a route).

I have never been very interested in geography. One reason for this probably comes from history. My parents grew up in the no longer excising German Democratic Republic (basically the now Eastern part of Germany). People in the GDR were not allowed to travel to any capitalist countries. So the furthest they got was Hungary. Don’t get me wrong Hungary is a beautiful country, but it must have felt like prison for them not beeing allowed to see countries like France, the US, Japan or Australia. Long story, short. After the wall came down in 1989 my parents wanted to explore Europe and took us kids (I do have a younger sister) to Spain, Italy & Denmark. So even, when I became older and went travelling without my parents I still picked destinations within the EU. The only time I went outside Europe was in 2007, when I went to see my sister in Portland, Oregon whilst she was working there as an Au Pair.

Speaking of. That might be another reason, why it took me so long to develop this kind of Wanderlust. As a kid of the ‚turn-generation‘ I was educated under a system that basically was full of question marks. Everything was new for the authorities. At a moment's notice everything became no longer good and was judged by everyone. The school system changed completely and from one day to the other teachers had to work with new material. As everything was on the move and everyone was overchallenged there were no such things than international school exchanges or Au Pair programmes. I remember, that I saw the first notice of some school exchange ever, when I was in the final year my A-Levels.

The big change for me came with the move to London in 2011. I met so many people from all over the world and it made me realise how much more the world has to offer. So many people were telling me about journeys they just came back from and I certainly wondered, if I'm not missing out on something, when not going to see the world. In 2013 I finally decided I'm doing this. I'm going to travel the world! I started saving and thought about destinations I could go to.

As someone, who is not that much into geography I first had to take a world map to bring all the countries in order. Of course I remembered that China is in Asia and Bolivia in South America, but did you know Laos does not have a coast? Doing this helped me getting a rough route. To avoid jetlag I will go with the sun and will be travelling eastwards. I will be starting in China and doing Hong Kong & Japan afterwards. I will then be flying to some city in South East Asia (let's see where the cheapest flight goes to) and travelling the typical beaten path (or not, let's find out) for a couple of months before heading to Australia for a year of Work & Travel. I then plan to continue to South Africa for a short trip, doing South America after this and travelling to Canada via west coast US. Canada offers Work & Travel visas until 35, which basically makes me think 'Why not doing another year of Work & Travel there?'.

So the rough route looks like this (to enlarge pls click on the map):

around the world trip route

So far I have only planned the route for China and Japan. The rest will follow as it comes. Everyone knows; things never turn out as expected, so I will just go with the flow.

A detailed route for China and Japan will follow with the next post.


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