Veränderung, Baby!

Ok so here we go. I haven't updated this blog for quite a while, cause my life basically has changed. I mean not really my life, but more Körsti i.e. me as a person. 

I am no longer the fashionista, who is always on the latest trend buying tons of clothes every month. I literally spent nearly 500 pounds every month just on clothing back in 2012. Thinking of this waste of money I'm feeling really bad right now. How could I have spent 500 pounds on shoes & clothing every month?! Anyway, thank god I got more mature and did stop that nonsense. This was basically 2 years ago and the reason, why I stopped writing. was a platform for me to share the latest fashion trends, give recommendations, where to shop and present the looks I was wearing. As clothing became less important to me I basically lost interest in updating the blog.

If you are one of the readers from back then you are probably wondering; 'So what took you to start writing again?'  and as a new reader you might wonder, what this blog will be about. Let me bring light into the darkness.

The main thing first; I'M GOING TO TRAVEL THE WORLD! No, I'm not kidding. I'm seriously doing this. On my own. Cause now seems to be the right time. I quit my job in London, moved back to Berlin and sold nearly everything of the clothing, accessories, furniture and other belongings I owned. All the stuff I cannot get rid of or the pieces, that mean a lot to me and just cannot be given away will be stored at my parents house. With nearly no possessions, no job and no boyfriend I'm literally free as a bird and let us be honest, if I'm not doing the trip now I will never do it. Another thing is, that I'm planning to have a little break from travelling and do a work & travel year in Australia at some point. One of the requirements is to be no older than 30, when applying. As I have just turned 30 I only have little time left to apply for a work & travel visa in Australia.

From now on I will try to update this blog at least once a week. I mean obviously, when in the middle of the jungle I won't be able to update anything, but hey maybe the tribal leader has the advantage of internet these days. I keep you updated on this ;-)

For now stay tuned for the next post, where I will tell you more about my route.

Oooh and maybe worth to mention; you can also find and follow me on facebook, twitter, g+, instagram, pinterest, and flickr. For all the people, who understand German might the YouTube channel be worth a visit.


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