Beijing day 5 – Lama Temple & Hou Hai

Day five of my Beijing experience took me to the Lama Temple, which is only two stations by Metro away from where my friend lives. So I was glad to get my first cycling experience in China. Pollution was really high, however, my friend provided me with a filter mask, so all good. 

Cycling in Beijing is pretty relaxed, cause there are cycle lines everywhere. However, they are shared with scooters, so you still have to be careful when riding. After only 15 minutes I arrived at the Lama Temple. I must confess I’m by now a bit tired of Chinese architecture and not that excited when seeing temple anymore. I mean I still like to have a stroll around, but somehow they all look the same, right? The Lama Temple was nice, but if you’ve already seen other temples it won’t make you getting exciting anymore. So my decision that day was to only view one more religious sight in Beijing before focusing more on the way people live & act up here in Beijing.

Chinese woman praying at Lama Temple

one of the Buddha figures inside the Temple

I finished the temple tour around 3pm and cycled a bit through the Hutongs near by. For me they are definitely the best up here in Beijing. They are under monumental protection, so still as they were hundreds of years ago. (If you want to find more about Hutongs in Beijing see this website HERE.) I was feeling as if I would have slipped in some Chinese move scenery with those little alleys and courtyards where little shops would sell yummy street food. After I had lunch in some little café I decided to cycle to Hou Hai (The back lakes). My friend recommended it as a very lively and colourful place Beijingers would go to meet friends, have a few drinks or just hang out by the water. And indeed I really liked the atmosphere there. It made me feel a bit like on holidays with all the little food stalls and tons of restaurants and bars with their bright and colourful lights.


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