Beijing day 6 – Summer Palace

As already mentioned in the previous post I decided to do only one more touristy thing in Beijing and picked the Summer Palace for it. 

The Summer Palace is the the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China. It's in the northwest of Beijing and as my friend is living in the east of the city centre I had to take the tube. It was well packed, but I guess that's normal up here cause Beijing has how many inhabitants? 11,5 million?

Suzhou Street at Summer Palace

First of all I struggled to find the entry. The signs in the metro were very helpful and guided me to the right exit, but once outside the station I was totally lost. So I just did what most of the other people did and crossed the street. Unfortunately those people were mainly going to a bus hub and that wasn’t really my plan. I saw some other tourists with a guide book and went over to check with them. They then pointed me in the right direction. I basically should have gone back a little bit and turn left when coming out of the station and not crossing the street, but how am I supposed to know? They should maybe put up another sign in English pointing out directions outside the station.

Once at the Entrance I decided not to go for the audio guide and to just stroll around and discover things on my own. Entry without the extras Suzhou Street, Wenchang Hall and Tower of Buddhist Incense was 20 RMB. If you have a whole day you could probably buy a ticket for those parts of the Summer Palace as well, but as it was already 2pm when I arrived I decided to take the ‘quick’ standart tour. I mean, what means quick haha I still spent 2hrs inside the Summer Palace. Might be cause I was stopped several times by Chinese people, who wanted to take a photo with me. It's strange and I still don't get what they are doing with the photos then, but well...

The whole area contains 70,000 square meters of pavilions, towers, bridges, corridors, parks & lakes and it is just not possible to see everything in one go. So I just walked without any map nor focusing on any particular sight. It worked out well, cause I discovered this lovely garden where the yellow leaves just shouted after having a picture with me.

But of course I was not the only one. Lots of other people took pictures as well. I found this old Chinese couple quite cute and had to take a picture. (by the way New Balance shoes are really popular up here)

And here are some more pictures I took inside the Summer Palace:

By the way; quite interesting to see was that besides other things Chinese people would buy engraved nuts as souvenir.


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