Beijing day 7 - Halloween & Hutongs by night

Yesterday was October, 31st- means? Yes, Halloween. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween and only started to celebrate it in 2011, when I moved to London. I knew Ines is a massive fan of Halloween, so I feared she would drag me to some Halloween party. Hehe

Of course she did. When she told me about I was like ‘I don’t have anything to wear, so I can’t really come’ and she was like ‘Don’t worry. We are in China! There are lots of cheap costumes available on Taobao.’ Tao what?’ I replied and she explained, that Taobao is a bit like ebay. So basically a platform, where sellers can offer their goods. In the end I got a nurse costume for 28 RMB. 28!!! that’s equivalent to not even 3 GBP/4 EUR! Definitely the cheapest Halloween for me ever.

me and my friend Ines

Today I had a lazy day sleeping until midday and editing pictures and posts in the afternoon. In the evening I went back to the Hutongs. I just love to stroll along the tiny alleys, try all sorts of street food and watch the daily life go by. It’s a shame that most of the old properties within China have been destroyed. Here are some pictures I took whilst walking along the alleys. It looks a bit like in a Chinese movie, or what do you think?


Please comment! Any comment is appreciated. Either English or German both are fine ;-)


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