Bye bye Beijing, hello Xi'an!

After 8 amazing days with my friend Ines in Beijing it was time for me to leave and see more places in China.

My next trip was for Xi’an, the capital of the province Shaanxi with roughly 8,5 million inhabitants. As it was a beautiful day with blue sky and no pollution at all (basically the best day so far since I arrived in Beijing) my friend, her boyfriend and me decided to take the scooters and have breakfast in the city centre before I leave. So we arrived at the breakfast place and I asked my friend to check when I would have to leave for the train station and she said look it’s really close you only need 20 minutes. However, the train station she pointed on was not the one my train to Xi’an was leaving from. I told her which one I would have to go to and she was like ‘shit, you need 45 minutes to get there’. My train was supposed to leave in 2 hours. Ok, so no breakfast for me. We tried to cancel the food, however, as they were already preparing it there was no way to cancel and I had to pay 50 RMB for nothing. Ok 50 RMB is only 5 GBP/6,50 EUR, but still. We then rushed to my friends home, where I quickly picked up my stuff before we went back on the scooter and my friend was dropping me off at the underground station. It would have just taken too long to go all the way to the train station by scooter. Not the best farewell, but as we both ‘live’ closer now I’m sure it won’t take us 2 years again for the next meet up.

me and Ines' boyfriend at the art district in Beijing

I took the speed train from Beijing to Xi’an. It moves with 300km/h! and reaches Xi’an within 5 hours. 918 kilometres (by comparison distance Berlin – Paris is 880km) in 5 hours- unbelievable. But of course this comfort has its price. I had to pay 515 RMB for the ticket, which converts to 51.50 GBP/67,50 EUR. Sounds like fairly cheap, or? Thinking of, that on average people over here earn 2,500 RMB/month it’s quite expensive.

Patrick, my couchsurfing host for Xi’an offered me to meet in the city centre, so that I won’t get lost finding the way to his. So kind of him. He’s a language teacher and finishes work at 7pm on Sundays, so my arrival fitted in perfectly. Cause I still haven’t had eaten (remember the breakfast disaster from the morning?) and he was starving too we stopped by at one of the restaurants near-by his apartment and had a Rou Jia Mo, a typical Xi’an burger. It’s basically bread stuffed with donkey meat. Yeah, donkey. They love donkey over here in Xi’an.


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