Bye bye Xi’an – hello Chengdu

Yesterday was the day of my first ever overnight train trip. You won’t believe how nervous I was. I knew I will be in a cabin with 3 strangers for 16 hours and this kind of made me uncomfortable. What if I will end up with 3 snoring men? Thank god my sister gave me some ear plugs at my departure, I was thinking.
In the end it all worked out fine. I was in the cabin with a young Chinese couple and a roughly 40-years old man, who was already asleep when I got on the train and was gone, when I woke up the next morning. It only took me a couple of minutes to get used to the fact I’m lying on a bed in a rolling train and I slept quite good. I also managed to climb the upper bunk without any problems. I have to mention there was no ladder only one tiny step to climb on, so well done Körsti. Another fact I’m quite happy about is that I somehow have no problems whatsoever with the squat toilets. I was even fine using it in a moving train.

That's how my cabin looked like. The little thingy next to the door is the 'ladder' to climb the upper bunk.

The worst you could get; more than one squat toilet. Means people watch you peeing. It already happend to me.


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