Chengdu day 1 – lights lights lights

It was after midday, when I got off the train. I was chatting with Stephany (the Chinese girl I meet on Muslim Street in Xi’an) quite a lot during the train ride and decided to go with her invitation and visit her in her hometown Chongqing on Sunday.
She sent me the writing for train ticket to Chongqing in Chinese characters and made it quite convenient for me to buy the train tickets at the station. She also mentioned, that her best friends back from university live in Kunming and Shanghai and that they would both be happy to host me. Wow, I still can’t believe how welcoming Chinese people are. First Michelle, the Chinese girl in Beijing, who invited me over for Lunch with her family and now Stephany who wants me to come over to hers for lunch/dinner and offers to connect me with her friends in Kunming & Shanghai. I’m so overwhelmed with joy I can’t believe this is true. I don’t even know, how I could ever give this back to them.

After I got the train tickets I went to meet my couchsurfing host Felix at his house. He lives on the roof of a tower block and the couch is located in a wonderful garden house all see-through. If there wouldn’t be so many bright lights here in Chengdu I could see the stars whilst lying on the couch. Pity China loves to light up buildings in bright colours. Sure it looks awesome, but could they not switch them off at let’s say midnight to save some energy and let people enjoy a sky full of stars? (Note to myself; stop being so idealistic Körsti!).

my little garden house at Felix'

After I dropped all my stuff Felix showed me the city a bit. We walked around the city centre and he showed me the market he used to buy his groceries. Have a look at the pictures below; so many (for me as a European) weird things. To be honest; it’s nice and the Jinli street reminded me a bit of the Hutongs in Beijing, but so far I’m missing a bit of authenticity. Chengdu seems to be just like any other big city. I hope the panda bears will change my opinion about Chengdu, so stay tuned for the next post.

Jinli Street

I totally wasn't aware how much Chinese poeple love garlic.

The fish section of the market Felix showed me

They even sold toads

Fancy some pig nose for dinner tonight?

Or maybe pig feet?

Sausages, lots of sausages...

Tianfu Square in the evening

They love lights over here


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