Chengdu day 2 - Panda Breeding & Research Centre

Today I went to see the main attraction, which made me decide to go to Chengdu. The Panda Breeding and Research Centre in the northeast of the city.

Panda Bears are found only in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. In total there are fewer than 1,000, of which 80% are distributed within the territory of Sichuan province (Chengdu is the capital of this province). The centre has been created and imitated the pandas' natural habitat in order that they might have the best possible environment for rearing and breeding. They also have red pandas, which have been classified as vulnerable as its wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals. Entry to the centre was 58 RMB and they also offer a shuttle service for 10 RMB. I had a wonderful day watching the pandas at the Panda Breeding and Research Centre and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Chendgu. The most fun fact of this trip were Chinese pupils who would run after me, wave and shout ‘Helloooo’ everytime we crossed paths. It seems like it’s such a rare thing for them to see a blonde person it makes them go really exciting.

baby pandas sleeping

The post card I sent to my parents. Let's see when it arrives...
I took the bus back to the city centre and went straight to Starbucks. Not cause I was desperate for a coffee, no it was more cause I was desperate for internet. Unfortunately Felix, my couchsurfing host up here in Chengdu hasn’t got WLAN nor a VPN on his computer. He offered me using his laptop, but no VPN means no blogging for me as is hosted on Blogger (Google) and all Google services are blocked up here in China. I’m not even able to access my emails (Gmail) without VPN. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Gmail, google search, google maps, YouTube- all blocked up here. I thought I could live without, but it annoyed me that much after a couple of days I decided to invest some money and buy a VPN. It did cost me 12 dollar for 30 days, but you know what? It’s worth every penny. But back to Starbucks. So I went there to check my emails and upload some posts. In the past I was always wondering, why people would take their laptop to Starbucks and sit there for hours. Now it totally makes sense to me. Starbucks the internet life saver. Hehe

After I had finished all the blogging and emailing I went to some street Felix showed me yesterday to have dinner. There is one stall, where you basically pick a few vegetables and meat, put them on a tray and hand them in. They would then fry everything, stir it and serve everything on a plate. It’s very delicious and really cheap. I picked lots of stuff (cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, spring onions, cabbage, eggs, tofu, chicken, pork) and only payed 22 RMB ( 2 GBP/3 EUR). Unfortunately my phone was dead and I couldn’t check how to say ‘Non spicy’ in Chinese, so of course it was that spicy that I couldn’t finish the food, cause my mouth was burning at some point. I’m such a pussy, when it comes to spiciness. I definitely have to work on that.


and after.


Please comment! Any comment is appreciated. Either English or German both are fine ;-)


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