Guilin to Yangshuo by bamboo boat

I had such a great day today! However, it didn't start that well. I booked a bamboo boat raft to travel from Guilin to Yangshuo. A van picked me up from the hotel to bring me to the pier where the cruise would start. I handed them my backpack and as it was quite heavy and big (yes I still need to get rid of a few kilos for south east asia. Otherwise I won't be able to carry it for longer than 20 minutes) they put it in the boot.
We set off and after not even 5 minutes heard a loud bang. We turned around and saw what had just happened. The woman, who put the backpack must have not locked the boot properly, so that my backpack just fell off the boot and landed five metres away on the street. Fuck, I usually carry the laptop in my daypack, but because of the raft I thought it's better to have it in the big backpack. Now the pack has just fallen off the boot and I was really worried the laptop might be broken. I checked immediately, however, fortunately no damage to the laptop. It's only the pack, who is dirty and ripped off at some points. Really annoying, but what can I do.

So we arrived at the place, where the bamboo raft would start and I noticed that it's actually not a real bamboo boat, but rather a motorised plastic boat looking like a bamboo raft. 'Whatever', I was thinking. The weather isn't that good anyway, so it might be even luck, that the boat has a motor and we will arrive in Yangshuo faster than without. I was sharing the boat with two Chinese people and a guy from Taiwan. His English was really good and we had  a pleasant chat during the cruise.

Chinese people love having pictures taken of them and paying a fortune to get them printed afterwards

The nature was just stunning. The raft trip ended in Xingping at exactly the same spot than pictured on the 20 RMB note. 

the scenery on the 20 RMB/Yuan note...

...and also in real.

From Xingping we took the bus for a short transfer to Yangshuo. Yangshuo is know as backpacker hang out. A lot of western people travel to Yangshuo since the 80s and I wanted to give it a go as well. I found an English college in advance, who offered me free accomodation and food, if I would take part in their 'English Corners' and speak with the Chinese students for two hours about certain topics in the evening. This sounded fair to me, so I agreed to volunteer. When arriving at the school I met Charly, who is the person taking care of the volunteers. He showed me my room and also invited me to take me on a tour around Yangshuo. He also asked two students to join us and we all set off to explore a bit of Yangshuo. But let  me tell you about this tomorrow....


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