Kunming day 1 - hello spring!

After I arrived at the train station I took the subway to get to my hosts home. Because everything went so well with Couchsurfing hosts in Xi’an and Chengdu I decided to use it in Kunming as well.

This time with a Chinese host. His name is Gang and he teaches English at Yunnan University. I got picked up by him and he cooked lunch for me after we arrived in the apartment. This just again showed me how welcoming Chinese people are. He then mentioned, that this apartment is actually only a place for him to rest from work and to prepare his lessons meaning I would have the whole apartment for myself. Whoop Whoop However, I will only enjoy the freedom of having an own apartment for one night as I already agreed on Stephany’s friend Jolly to stay with her.

After I had unpacked a few things I set off to explore Kunming. Only in a T-Shirt! How cool is this? Kunming is known as ‘City of eternal spring’ and it completely makes sense. Sun was out all day and temperatures around 23 degrees. As I got it recommended by Gang I took the bus towards the university and had a stroll around the campus first. What a huge campus.

First thing I noticed; vegetation is a lot different compared to the other places I have seen in China so far. Blooming flowers, palm trees and no hint of autumn and falling leaves at all. The campus exit gate is just by the Cui Hu (Green Lake). A lake that is not only famous with the students. Local people would go there to have a picnic or go boating. It also seems like the benches along the lake are a popular spot for young couples.

You should know this by now. Chinese people love to dance for leisure.

park staff having a little rest in the sun

I wonder, if this is why its called the Green Lake?

Girl teaching a boy how to skip the rope.

I passed a few food stalls and decided to try something that looked a bit like bread. I saw a few people lining up for it, so I followed my ‘Go for food locals would have’ rule and bought one for 2,5 RMB (0,25 GBP/0,50 EUR). I’m glad I did. The bread was still warm and filled with caramelised nuts. I definitely need to get it again.


Please comment! Any comment is appreciated. Either English or German both are fine ;-)


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