Kunming day 2 – teaching skills

I would have never thought this, but I’m currently sitting outside Yunnan University having a rest from the lesson I just gave. Not kidding, I was teaching Chinese people about the Berlin wall and Berlin in general.

Gang my Couchsurfing host up here is working as an English teacher at Yunnan University and asked me, if I could talk to his students about Berlin. He suggested to talk a little about the wall in particular due to the 25th anniversary of the wall coming down. So I was sitting at home this morning reading about the German wall. I mean, of course I know about it, why it was build and so on, but to speak about it in front of students you might want to prepare a little. Gang has four classes today and asked me to speak to all of them. Hell yeah a whole day of lecturing at some Chinese university. Later on I will move to Jolly (the friend Stephany introduced me to) until Friday.

Ooohh and one thing I noticed here; most of the girls hide under an umbrella. Not, because it's raining. No, they are scared of getting a tan. To be pale is considered as pretty up here in China, so no girl wants to stick their nose in the sun.

Yunnan University directions. Could you find your way? ;-)


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