Kunming day 3 – seagulls from Siberia

Before I’m going to tell you about today I have to tell you about yesterday evening, because it was just too good.

After I had finished my voluntary work at the university (Let’s not call it teaching) Gang dropped me off at Jolly’s place. She and two friends were already waiting for me. We then altogether went to some Restaurant to have dinner. Jolly also invited her boyfriend and he brought two friends. One of the friends even studied German and is now working as a translator here in Kunming. That was quite interesting to hear. His German was so good- no grammar mistakes only the accent reveals he is not native. Impressive. To complete the round the husband of one of Jolly’s friends arrived as well. So in total we were 8 people; 7 Chinese, 1 German. It was my first big get together with only Chinese people and I was really excited about. 

They ordered a lot of food, which was put on a big round moving glass plate, so that everyone could share everything. That’s how eating with friends/family up here in China works; you would order several dishes to share with everyone. The bis glass plate made everything a little easier. If you wanted to have a certain dish you would just turn the plate. We had beef, chicken soup (again really inconvenient for me with the bones), mixed vegetables like cabbage & pumpkin, some flavoured beans, sweetcorn, fish soup, rice noodles and some savoury vegetables. Altogether is was one of my nicest food experiences. Besides the typical chicken & fish with bones issue did I like every dish. Jolly and her friends were also really good company and made the whole evening very pleasant for me. They were all my age, which let me compare a little between German/European young people and Chinese/Asien ones. That’s the facts I found out about Chinese people:

  • They love the iPhone, however, it’s very expensive. Roughly the same price than in Europe, but you have to take into account people over here earn much less

  • After people have graduated uni they would roughly earn 300 GBP/400 EUR a month

  • Once they have found a job they stick to it. To leave a company for another one is very rare.

  • Most of the people live with their parents until they marry

  • Flat shares are not common in China

  • Porn is prohibited in China, people would have to get it from Japan

  • Gambling is also forbidden in China, there is no lottery

  • Dating is not common before university, teenagers should focus on their studies and teachers would even report romances to the parents

  • Highschool is very challenging due to the big competition with millions of other Chinese who want to enter university

  • University is like kinder garden compared to Highschool, so basically the other way round than in the western world

  • Chinese people love German products (Bosch, Braun, Siemens, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi), cause they stand for quality

  • Western products are much more expensive (for instance Audi A6 from 102,000 GBP/ 130.000 EUR)

  • Friends or relatives in Germany would send German products over to China

  • If you don’t know anyone in the west you would order western products online for much cheaper

  • Chinese don’t trust their own milk, they buy milk from Germany or Belgium

So this dinner definitely gave me a good insight of how people in China roll. We laughed a lot and the language wasn’t a problem at all. If someone would miss a word in English they would tell the others in Chinese and someone would know the word. It was such a fun evening and I was quite glad, when Jolly suggested to go somewhere else for some tea. I think I already mentioned, that I’m not a huge tea fan, however, the tea we had at the tea place was just awesome. It was made of honey pomelo…such a nice taste. But anyway let me tell you a bit about what I did today.

After the day yesterday was so sunny and warm I had bad luck with the weather today. It was cloudy all day and compared to yesterday pretty cold. I had to go back to my layer technique and put a top, a long sleeve and a jumper on. Jolly was so kind to borrow me her bicycle, so I decided to ride to the Dianchi lake. The lake is pretty big one roundtrip is 163 kilometres (101 miles), so I asked Jolly which spots I should see. She recommended two to me. One where I could see sea gulls from Siberia, who rest at Dianchi lake over winter and another one where I could have a stroll along the shore and see lots of flowers.

I decided to cycle to the place with the sea gulls first. It was a waste of time though in my opinion. The place was too crowded and there was nothing to see besides people feeding bread to sea gulls. I was planning to have a little walk on the esplanade, but as it was clouded and therefore quite chilly I decided not to. I believe I only stayed there for 20 mins. The ride to that place took me one hour. Bummer. 


Seagull caring sation

Those girls should know the size of the bread is way to big for those birds.

The other place was more my cup of tea. It was a little park along the lake. Because temperature in Kunming is very mild throughout the year the city is very popular for its flowers. Plants in the park were blooming like it would be still spring and not winter. Shame the sun was not out it would have made the stay even more pleasant.

The park is often used for wedding photos.

I think I stayed in the park for one hour and it was already getting dark, when I cycled back to Jolly’s. She was already waiting for me and as we both were starving we decided to have dinner. She took me to the Guandu Old Town only 20 minutes by foot away from her apartment. I really liked this place for its old traditional Chinese buildings, the little stalls selling crafts and of course the hundreds of food stalls. We passed a little square and you know what? Yes, people were dancing again. hehe We then arrived at the restaurant, which is offering typical food from Myanmar. I was quite surprised Jolly would take me to this kind of a restaurant, however, the food we had was really delicious and it was kind of cool to skip rice and noodles for a moment. My favourite dish this evening was definitelly the milky soup with coconut and different fruit jellies in it. Shame I forgot to ask about the name.

Jolly & me (no idea what what's wrong with my tongue tho)

Errrm that's China I guess...


  1. Hi,

    Would you say that the chinese food there is anything like the chinese food from London or Berlin?


    1. Definitely not. It looks and tastes way different. One example is the garlic. They love garlic up here in China and put it in every dish. I've never noticed garlic in any Chinese food up in Europe.


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