Xi’an day 2 – walk on the old city wall

Today I decided to go and walk a bit on the old city wall. The wall is the most complete city wall that has survived in China and is also one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world.
It was built during the old Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) and has been restored three times throughout the time. In 1568, Zhang Zhi (the government officer of that period) was in charge to rebuild the wall with bricks. In 1781, another officer, Bi Yuan, refitted the city wall and the gate towers and more recently (since 1983) the Shaanxi Provincial Government restored the city wall again.

I entered on the East Gate and walked until the South Gate, which is basically the main gate. I could have hired a cycle to go further around, but as the weather wasn’t that nice and I had already walked for 45 minutes I decided against it.

I then walked towards the Bell Tower (the largest and best-preserved wooden tower in China) and took a closer look at it. I must confess I liked it better in the dark, when it was illuminated yesterday. During the day it just looks like any other historical building.

Chinese women practice the Cucurbit. A traditional Chinese flute.

this is the first ever build cycle, quite interesting to see

Bell Tower during the day...
...and during night. Much better, right?
here also a picture of the Drum Tower


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