Yangshuo day 1 - exploring the town

As already mentioned in the previous post I was taken on a tour around Yangshuo by Charley (the person in charge of the volunteers of the English college I volunteer at) and two students named Sissy and Alex.

left to right: Charley, me, Sissy, Alex

Yangshuo is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery, which made the stroll very pleasant. It became popular with foreigners in the 80s and nowadays has a big expats community. I think I've seen the same amount of foreigners up here yesterday than I've seen in total during the last two weeks. It's also very popular with Chinese tourists it seems.

Yangshuo is very small and the first thing I noticed; it's not polluted, very clean (by Chinese standards) and seems not to have the usual traffic chaos. Most of the Streets are well kept in the original style, presenting the simple and primitive atmosphere of the ancient town. One exception seems to be West Street. A lot of foreign residents managing cafés and restaurants there, so I could find Italian, German and American food.

woman selling honey on West Street

We then left West Street and went down to the river. It again showed Yangshuo hasn't lost its ancient character. I could see people washing clothes in the river and an old man sitting by his cormorants waiting to go fishing.

I also spotted this cute couple above, who were taking marriage photos down the river. After taking a few pictures we left the riverside and went to Yangshuo park. On the way there I could see the normal life passing by; Men sewing and women playing Mahjong a traditional Chinese game.

funny sculptures of pigs in Yangshuo Park

It's only my first day up here, but I already enjoy the life up here a lot. 

In the evening Charley had to leave, however, Sissy, Alex and me decided to stay a bit longer and went for some food. We meet another student on the way and invited her to join us. We ate sticky rice with vegetables and had a good laugh. Especially Sissy and Alex speak very good English and they are so interested in European culture as well as German culture in particular. They told me, that they want to go and see a movie in the cinema and I spontaneously decided to join them. So we went to the cinema to see, which movie would be available in English. It was 'Interstellar' starring Matthew McConaughey & Anne Hathaway. I had no idea what it is about, but as I liked the idea of seeing a movie in a Chinese cinema I bought a ticket (25 RMB). It was definitely good fun. The cinema was a new one, so I couln't find any differences to an European cinema.

us in the cinema


  1. Dein Blog ist echt cool! Ich sehe dir gefällt es in Asien!
    Wie hat dir der Film gefallen?? 3 Euro ist ja echt krass... in Deutschland kostet er mind. 12 Euro Eintritt.
    Viele Grüße von Anna

    1. Der Film war gut und bei 3€ kann man nix falsch machen ;-)

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  3. An interesting and informative post about the everyday life of ordinary people. Vivid photographs reflecting the surrounding nature and city. It’s good that there is an opportunity to see the world. Thank you.


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