Hong Kong day 2 – Lamma Island & The Peak

Today I took a 30 minutes ferry ride to Lamma Island. My friend Ines recommended it to me, when I was seeing her in Beijing and I’m glad she did. The island is so beautiful. Except ambulance there are no cars on the island and its famous for its hikes.

The island is fairly small so you can hike from one site to the other in 45 minutes. When I got off the ferry I was impressed by the variety of fish in front of the many seafood restaurants. You basically see what will end up on your plate later on. 

I wasn't hungry yet, so decided not to stop. I walked along the hiking path and passed a beach were a lot of people had a rest to enjoy the sun. I'm quite happy I decided to keep on walking, cause only 10 minutes later I followed a path to a different beach and there was no one. I mean there was one guy cleaning the surrounding area, but this doesn't count. It was quite a warm day and the hiking made me a little sweaty, so I decided to go for a swim. It was soooo refreshing. I stayed a couple of minutes to dry before I continued with the hiking. 

The beach I decided not to stay

Thank god, cause I found my very own beach :-)

Happy Körsti

I passed the Kamikaze Grottos, which the Japanese were planning to use during World War 2 to hide speed boats, however, were never finished due to the end of the war. I soon reached Sok Kwu Wan the village on the other side of the island. 

Kamikaze Grottos

Sok Kwu Wan

I was starving, when I arrived there and the fish in front of the seafood restaurants looked tempting, so I decided to have some seafood before heading back to Hong Kong. I paid 200 HKD (GBP/20 EUR) for some deep fried squid and two scallops, which I find is not that cheap. However, the restaurant offers free ferry service to Hong Kong, so I saved on the ferry fare.

sunset over Lamma Island

Back in Hong Kong I took the bus up to the peak. The peak has an altitude of 552 meters and offers a great view on the skyline. I was able to catch the sunset and decided to have a coffee to waste a bit of time until the darkness will set in. The Hong Kong skyline in the dark is just impressive. Definitely a good decision to stay a bit longer. I could have taken the tram back down, but the queue was just too long, so I went for the bus instead.

Hong Kong skyline by night from The Peak

square by Victoria Harbour

Yes German football is popular in Hong Kong


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