Hong Kong day 3 – Sha Tin to Tai Po by cycle

Today I moved houses and left Alex to move in with Randy another Couchsurfing host. His apartment is located downtown only a 15 minutes’ walk away from the Central Station.
Even though I liked staying with Alex I was happy to move in at Randy’s, cause at Alex' I was sleeping on the upper bunk with him and at Randy’s I had an own room. He also provided me with a key, which gave me the freedom of leaving and coming back at any time. Randy is American and works for an US software company. I got on well with him and upon my arrival he provided me with a bunch of brochures about Hong Kong attractions. One was about a cycle route along the coast and because I love cycling as well as being at the coast I decided to go cycling today. Orlando the Macau guy I had met on the Couchsurfing BBQ was texting me to ask about my plans and when I told him he decided to join for the cycle trip. We met at noon and took the MTR (local subway) to Sha Tin the starting point of the route I was suggesting. The bike was 40 HKD (3.20 GBP/4 EUR) each for the whole day. The tour I picked was wonderful and took us along the shoreline towards the mountains.

Orlando & Me

We stopped at some waterpark for a little rest before we head back to the starting point. After we had returned our cycles Orlando introduced me to Douhua. Which is basically very soft tofu topped with sweet ginger or clear syrup. You can have it hot or old, but because it was quite a warm day we decided to have it cold. 

Douhua - sooo yummy!

I’m really happy I met Orlando at the Couchsurfing BBQ. He just came back from travelling through Europe for three months and is way different to most of the Asian people I have met so far. Most of them haven’t travelled outside of Asia yet and are therefore not familiar with the European culture, which sometimes made it hard to fully connect with them. Totally different with Orlando though, so I was quite happy, when he offered to show me the Tian Tian Buddha tomorrow.

So stay tuned for the next post!


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  4. I fully understand you because I also prefer cycling because it is an ecological mode of transport that, at the same time, has a positive effect on my health.

  5. Cycling trips are my favorite, I like to discover some places that are not mentioned in travel brochures, also it allows to see the whole town from inside.

  6. It is very cool to meet new people with whom you share interests, moreover, Orlando is a man of a different culture, so I`m sure he can tell you a lot of interesting stuff.


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