Hong Kong day 5 – History Museum & Market Stroll

Because the weather forecast was showing a possibility of rain I decided to visit the History Museum today. Seems like the bad weather came in the right day, cause all museums are free in Hong Kong on Wednesdays.
I expected it to be really crowded, however, it was not the case. I would guess it was roughly 100 people in the museum. I must confess I’m not a big fan of museums, but this museum just managed to keep me entertained. They had a lot of galleries showing how shops, tea houses and rooms would have looked like back in the days and a lot of short videos explaining a bit more about the particular topic. 

traditional Hong Kong Opera
A grocery store back in the days (sorry can't remember the exact year)

Housing around 1930

Whilst in the museum Orlando texted me to find out what I’m up to and when I told him I’m at the museum and was planning to go on a walking tour afterwards he said he would join. We met up at two o’clock and took the bus to the Mong Kok district. I mean that was the plan, but due to the Umbrella Movement the bus was interrupted. Thanks to internet and google maps we figured we better get off the bus and walked a bit to reach the first destination of the walking route; the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and Market. People go there to buy birds and food for their birds (living grass hoppers, worms etc), but also to take their birds for a walk. Haha I’m not kidding! They take their birds and hang the cages in the park, whilst sitting down and doing ermmm that’s a good question, what are they actually doing? Sitting there watching them and socialise, I reckon.

Man taking his bird out for a walk

I rather found it sad to see so many birds in tiny cages at the market stalls. Most were smaller birds, but we did see several parrots and other large species confined in very small spaces. However, the pet birds, relaxing in the garden, seemed well cared for and were signing happily. After we had enough of living insects and birds we head off to the next stop on the route the goldfish market. There were a lot of shops selling all sorts of fish and it was quite interesting to see.

The route then took us to another market (I forgot the name, sorry), which basically has a lot of stalls selling fresh fish, crabs and also vegetables.

fresh crab

all sorts of shell fish

all the fish and shell fish were still alive and were only killed after purchase

We then noticed a lot of police men and also press vans and cameras. I asked Orlando, what was this about, but he had no idea. I then got a call from Yvonne another girl we had met at the Couchsurfing BBQ. I agreed with her earlier to have dinner together. And now she was basically calling to say, that it might be hard to get to the dinner place later, cause the police is starting to clear the area of the Umbrella Movement and her mum doesn’t want her to go there. I asked her which area she was talking about and it was actually the area Orlando and me were in right now. Now everything made sense; the hundreds of policemen, camera & press people. After we decided on another meeting point for later in the evening Orlando and me decided to find the protesters. However, we had no idea where to go and there were lots of little alleys, so after we were searching for nearly an hour we gave up and started to walk to the meeting point as agreed with Yvonne. 30 minutes later we were with Yvonne, who had also invited Patrick & Juong two people, who were also at the BBQ. They’re both German and work for the German toy company SIMBA up here in Hong Kong. We took the ferry to Central and went to some really good Dim Sum place suggested by Juong.

They were my favourite. A bit like German 'Hefeklöße' filled with sweet egg-ish mousse

We had so much fun and laughed a lot, so decided to move on to some rooftop bar near by. The bar is on the 22nd floor and the view from the bar was just stunning. Of course drinks were quite expensive (50 HKD for a cranberry juice), but nevertheless it was a good experience.

us at the Rooftop Bar

Around midnight we all went home and I was the only one heading central (seems like Randy, the guy I’m staying with earns a lot, cause no one really lives central) so I decided to take the tram back. I’ve already seen it a lot in Hong Kong, however, ever found the right occasion to actually take it.

Hong Kong tram
The tram is still as it was 100 years ago and moves slowly through the streets of Hong Kong. It is the only tram system in the world operated exclusively with double-decker trams. Compared to all the other forms of transport in Hong Kong it’s a lot cheaper and only costs 3,20 HKD (GBP/0,32 EUR). Back in the apartment I had a chat with Randy and really felt sorry I hadn’t spent time with him. I was so busy with the Couchsurfing people, that I was basically out every day from 9am in the morning till 9pm in the evening. I sometime even came back later. He is a really nice guy and whenever we had a short chat we got on well, so it’s quite a shame. I hope I didn’t leave the impression I was just using him as a hotel, cause this was definitely not what I was aiming for. I would have never thought, that I will make so many friends during my short stay here. Especially Orlando- I’m so glad I’ve met him. Because he just came back from travelling in Europe we clicked from the beginning and I couldn’t think of any better company I could have had up here. So in case you’re reading this Orlando; Thanks a million! I hope we will stay in touch and I will surely visit you in Macau at some point.

Now bed time, tomorrow Tokyo. I hope I will not get sick due to the difference in temperature. It was roughly 25 degrees up here in Hong Kong during my stay and I was always in summer clothes. Checking the weather forecast for Tokyo I found out it will only have around 15 up to 17 degrees up there. Brrrrr. Ohhh and I should mention I don’t have a winter coat with me...


Please comment! Any comment is appreciated. Either English or German both are fine ;-)


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