Tokyo day 1 – Long time no see!

Sorry guys for my lack of posts up here. Same than in Hong Kong I also had company in Japan that kept me busy.

Kind of by coincidence I met Brent a guy I hosted through Couchsurfing in Berlin back in 2010. When we first met we clicked immediately and stayed in contact over the years. I was truly considering visiting him in his home town Los Angeles sometime, however, a trip to the states never really fitted in the schedule. We are connected on Instagram and when I captured a picture of Hong Kong Airport ‘Bye bye Hong Kong, hello Tokyo’ he got back to me saying that he also just had arrived in Tokyo. We met up the next day and he introduced me to the friends he was staying with in Tokyo. They were quite a big party (6 people) and good fun to hang out with. So basically from the first day on we were exploring the city together. 

They stayed in a hotel and I used Couchsurfing again. It turned out that their hotel was just one subway station away from where I was staying. We met up for a stroll in Yoyogi Park to see the Meiji Shrine. However, the park itself was already a highlight with its colourful autumn leaves. Red, orange, yellow, green…so beautiful. And it even got topped by a Japanese wedding we were able to catch a glimpse on at the temple.

Meiji Shrine

people write wishes and hang them at the temple to have them come true

Groom and Bride
For the evening Brent suggested to go and see New York Bar, which is basically the Bar Bob (Bill Murray) in the movie ‘Lost in Translation’ was hanging out. It was quite pricey up there, but the view was definitely worth it.

view from New York Bar

We then met up with my Couchsurfing host, Motoi. When we headed for dinner I got introduced to the typical Japanese way of ordering food. Step N°1 you have a look in the window of the restaurant to find their food options displayed with lots of plastic models of the actual food. Step N°2 you choose one, find the number on it and press the button for it on the machine next to it. Step N°3 you pay and take your ticket. You then go inside the restaurant for Step N°4, which is basically to hand in the ticket. You then sit down and get the food served after a couple of minutes. The whole system is quite funny, cause you get exactly what is displayed. So if you see two pieces of meat on it you will get two of them, if you see one floret of broccoli please don’t expect to get two...

Cause we were quite a bunch of people we decided to go to some karaoke bar afterwards. Definitely a good choice. We had so much fun.

many karaoke rooms waiting for 'customers'


Please comment! Any comment is appreciated. Either English or German both are fine ;-)


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