A cycle trip to Bang Krachao

I checked the Couchsurfing website the other day and found out some locals are organising a cycle tour to Bang Krachao today, so I met up with them this morning at the Khlong Toei station. Lucky me the hostel I’m staying in is 10 mins walking distance to that station.

It was 14 of us; 3 locals, 2 Chinese, a French guy, 4 Italians, one girl from Lithuania, one guy from Australia and one from the States and me as the only German. We took the taxis to Khlong Toei pier to make our way to the other side of the river. Once there we hired cycles and started our adventure through the ‘Green Lung of Bangkok’ as the locals call Bang Krachao.

us on the boat to Bang Krachao

It felt surreal being in such a quite and green environment. No noise nor air pollution nor tuktuk drivers, who bother one with ‘Tuktuk? Tuktuk?’ just us, the cycles and nature. I was immediately confronted with one of the narrow, elevated wooden bicycle paths that were spread across the island. The corners of the paths were sharp and sudden and despite my cycle skills I did not feel at ease. At least I managed to ride- one girl had to push her cycle, because she was too scared of falling down into the water.

After a while we stopped at the Bang Nam Phuen Floating Market, where vendors had their stalls put up on huge pontoons. I tried sticky rice with mango wrapped in a palm tree leaf and immediately fell in love with this delightful dessert. I cannot wait to have it again. I also tried some really nice sausages (sorry forgot the name) and the typical Pad Thai (fried noodles with vegetables and egg) for lunch.

coloured sticky rice

On the way back we stopped at the Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery. I have never heard of this before, but apparently it is quite popular in Asia. We were not able to see an actual fight, however, could have a look at the different fish. Most of them were really pretty and I could have never guessed they would be able to such cruelty as eating each other.

I am now back in the hostel figuring out further plans whilst having a coconut ice cream. *Did I already mention it is free here all day? :-)* The British girls I was with yesterday told me about 7 Pounds flights to Krabi, so I just double-checked and indeed Thai Lion Air had a flight to Krabi the day after tomorrow for 350 Baht. I just booked it and cannot wait to have some proper beach time. 

Krabi is in the south-west of Thailand and connects an island called Koh Lanta with the mainland. I am not keen on going to Phuket, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan as I got told they are way to touristy (Phuket has its own airport!) and most of the people either go there for sex (Koh Samui) or to get wasted (Koh Phangan with it’s Full Moon, Half Moon, Black Moon and so on parties). Koh Lanta is supposed to be quieter. I mean tourism has started there too and especially the Swedish love it, but from what I read it is still a hidden gem.

Note: This post was written on Dec, 13th 2014


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