A day trip to Nara

To make the most of my train pass I decided to take a few day trips during my stay in Kyoto. So here we go today I went to Nara.

It took me 35min in the train. First thing I did after leaving the train I went to the tourist information and asked for recommendations. The people there were really friendly and explained the main attractions in very good English. They even provided me with a map, which made it very easy for me to navigate through the city.

First stop on the recommended route was the Kofukuji Temple. When getting there I was already greeted by a dozen deer, the towns famous landmark. Literally everything with the name Nara on it is showing a deer. All over Nara I could find postcards, key rings, soft toys, tops, plates and many more bric-a-brac with deer in all kind of variety.

The route then took me into Nara Park, where I could see even more deer. They were literally everywhere. They even bow for food. Seriously you can buy deer cookies and when feeding the deer it would bow first and then take the food. When someone told me I initially could not believe and was very impressed as it actually did happen in front of me.

of course the vending machines again

The next stop took me to the Todaiji Temple. However, I found the temple pretty boring and enjoyed the deer more. I then walked up to Kasuga Taisha as the lady at the tourist information recommended it to me for the great view over Nara. She was certainly right; the view is absolutely stunning.

Can you spot the deer?

Todaiji Temple

The 15 metres tall Buddha in Todaiji Temple

View over Nara

Only in Nara- deer doing a bit of window shopping

Entrance to Kasuga Taisha 

and again; spot the deer!

Kasuga Taisha

Look how much they love their deer!

After I had finished the Kasuga Taisha I had a look on GoogleMaps where about in Nara I was and noticed some bookmark nearby. I couldn’t remember the reason why I put a pin on this address, but I always bookmark locations for a reason and therefore decided to check it out.

I’m glad I did. The place was actually an old traditional Japanese house (Ryokan), which functions as a museum explaining how housing back in the days looked like.

View from the living room in the garden

from the garden into the living room

The hallway in the front and the living room in the back. To the right you can see the staircase for the 1st floor.

living room

hallway with staircase to the 1st floor

Look what I got, when I left. So cute.

I then made my way to the train station. When checking for the best way on the map a guy approached me and asked if I needed help. I told him that I want to make my way to the train station and he was like; ‘Cool, come with me. I have to go that way anyways.’ We had a nice chat and he told me he’s Canadian and currently on a sabbatical. Japan is the last stop for him before starting work in Canada again. He at some point had to leave and I made my way to the train station. But our paths should shortly cross again as he was in the same train to Kyoto than me. It’s always good to have company, so I decided to sit next to him and we talked a about travelling, taking some time off work and Berlin (it turned out he’s works as a DJ in his free time).

Overall I had an amazing day in Nara. The deer and the old Ryokan totally made my day.


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  2. It is surprising that animals contact people without fear and fully trusting their good. Great day trip.

  3. Places of a national color like Kofukuji Temple or Todaiji Temple can tell you more about culture than any video or brochure.


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