Tokyo day 3 - Edo-Tokyo Museum & Robot Restaurant

Because it was supposed to rain today (which in fact it did not) I decided to go and visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum. It displays models and life-sized recreations of structures and events to show the daily life of Tokyo during the Edo, Meiji and early Showa periods. I found a lot of good reviews about it and as I am always eager to find out about the history of cities I am visiting I thought going there would be a good idea.
It definitely was. I really liked the concept of the museum. Especially the miniatures showing how certain places of the city to a certain time period looked like. They even had spyglasses, so that one can even enjoy more details.

The entrance. Quite futuristic, ey?

one of the miniatures

In the evening I meet up with Brent and his friends for the Robot Show. I probably wouldn’t have gone by myself, because it is quite expensive (5000 Yen = 37 EUR/27 GBP). However, when Brent told me about it and I checked the reviews on the internet I got excited.

sex sells, right? Lady selling beer during break
It was such a weird show filled with flashing lights, lasers, colourful decorations, even more colourful and weird dresses and of course a lot of robots. In the beginning it was really distracting, however, after I good used to it I really enjoyed this weird form of entertainment. Where else can you enjoy such a weird and futuristic show.

In the end everyone was able to take a picture with the robots.

To calm down a bit and give our ears and eyes a bit of relaxing time we went to a very traditional area of Tokyo with a lot of tiny alleys, where even tinier bars and restaurants were waiting for customers. Seriously! It was quite hard for us seven to find a bar, because most of them would only fit four up to six people. After strolling around for half an hour we were able to find one, with several levels and space for us in the 2nd.

Brent then told me, that they are all heading to Kyoto tomorrow and I was like ‘Hey I’ll be going to Kyoto the day after tomorrow as well, so let’s meet up!’ Even better times to come I reckon.

PS: Sorry for the backlog of posts. This was written on 1st of Dec, 2014.


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