Beach time! 5 days on Koh Lanta

After nearly two months of travelling I finally got to see the beach up here in Koh Lanta. It was not that great though due to lots of cheeky jelly fish, who bite people and leave them with pins and needles when coming out of the water. Bummer!
At least the sunsets do not disappoint.
On top the weather is not that great either. It even rained yesterday. It is hot, no question, but clouds all day make everything look dull and depressive. I reckon that is why I have only taken a few pictures during my stay here so far. 

Even though it is not the perfect beach weather I enjoy my stay here. It is the people, who make this place so special. I am staying at the Leaf House. A family run complex with five two level bungalows. I am in one of the bottom ones with Terry, a Canadian girl I met in the airplane from Bangkok to Krabi. We got on well and as we both had to stay in Krabi overnight we decided to have dinner together at the night market. She is good fun to hang out with. Same than me she usually is hanging with boys and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Haha 

Common area at the Leaf House

On the second day of our stay she decided to get her diving licence done. This lead to only seeing each other in the evening as she is in the water all day. But hey we just met and we are still girls, so it might be good not spending 24hrs together a day.

On the second day of my stay made friends with Qais, the guy living in the bungalow next door. He’s from Canada and good fun to hang out with. One day at the beach we also ‘adopted’ Viney an American guy living in Tokyo. From that day on we were the 'Lanta Lot' and spend most of the days together exploring the island, dancing into the night or just hanging out at the beach. (The pictures I took of us are all blurry. So no pics. Sorry)

Tomorrow will be the last day for us all together as Qais is leaving to Cambodia, Viney has some friends arriving and moves on to another place with them and I will be leaving to Koh Jum, the little sister of Koh Lanta. It is always hard to move on and leave new made friends behind, but that is how it goes, I guess.

First time seeing monkeys outside the zoo.

Pier in the old town

Once again sorry for the lack of pictures. I guess it is because I had a great time and was too busy to take pictures. I will try to get more done on Koh Jum.

This post was written on Dec., 19th


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