Christmas? Errm yeah thanks for the reminder!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but the awesome company I had here on Koh Jum kept me busy. We even got bigger and adopted a Belgium girl named Sophie. She’s pretty cool and I’m quite happy to have her, because that way I don’t have to speak German all the time. Ha!
She is in Thailand to study Thai Massage and just finished a course in Chang Mai up north. She then decided to relax a bit by the beach over Christmas and that is what brought her here on Koh Jum. She also wanted to practice Thai Massage a bit more and was looking for human guniea pigs. haha It should be clear that I offered myself, or? So I got lucky and got a good hour of free Thai Massage! :-) But let me come back to Christmas.

It was so weird for me thinking about Christmas, when surrounded by palm trees, beach and 32 degrees. On top of that I keep on loosing track of time. I cannot tell what date nor day in the week it is, so how am I supposed to remember Christmas? Thank god others did. For instance those guys here at the beach:

For Christmas the bunch of us went next door to have a Thai buffet plus a bit of show. The food was about average I would say, but the company was awesome.

The following day Marc, Urs, Sophie and me made our way back to mainland Krabi. Whilst chatting with some guy in the city we found out about a cheaper way to get to mainland. He said there is a local ferry leaving from the fishing village every day at noon. Price 100 Baht rather than 400 for the tourist ferry. The only thing is that the ferry does not go to Krabi, so we would need to take a taxi for another 100 Baht into Krabi town. Still, only half the price as the tourist ferry. However, upon check out the staff working in our place as well as the one where Mark was staying confused us. They said there is no boat leaving from Koh Jum pier at noon. We would need to take a taxi to the other pier they advised as the boat there is leaving at 1pm. The boys started to doubt the guy in the fishing village even said noon, but I was 100 percent sure about it. So regardless what everyone was telling us we left and walked to the pier. Thank god we did not listen to what the locals said, because of course there was a boat leaving at noon. Happy about this we said goodbye to the German couple and jumped on the boat. We were the only foreigners on the boat, which of course kind of makes sense. No one is telling the tourists about this boat as they would miss out on the commission for the tourist boat.

The Koh Jum crew

Marc and Sofie on the local ferry back to mainland

When at mainland Marc and Urs sorted a taxi and we made our way into Krabi town. Fist we dropped Marc at the airport as he had to catch a flight to Bangkok before we continued to Krabi bus station. Upon arrival Urs, Sofie and me bought tickets for our onward travels the next morning. Urs and Sophie to Khao Sok National Park and myself to Ranong, where I was supposed to meet Thorsten, a friend of mine from Berlin and his girlfriend Kathi. We would then all go to Koh Phayam where Thorsten has a friend, who is running some bungalow resort with a local guy.

After we all got our tickets we checked in some hotel and had some food at the night market. I had the same feeling from Krabi as last time, when I made my way to Koh Lanta (which by the way already feels like ages ago). It is good for an overnight stay, but besides this? There is not much to do and the town for me kind of has no soul. The only good thing about it is the night market. The food there is amazing, such a big variety

This morning we all made our way to the bus station together. Lucky us our buses where nearly at the same time. It was hard to say goodbye to both of them. Having spent nearly two weeks together we became a good team and especially Urs always made me laugh. But we promised to stay in contact and will hopefully see each other again at some point.

The bus ride from Krabi to Ranong was supposed to take 5 hours, however, it took seven in the end. A few people even had to stand up for over an hour due to a lack of seats. Now I am here in Ranong sitting in this super shady guest house writing this post and cannot wait to meet up with Thorsten and his girlfriend to do a bit more of island hopping. Ohh and I should mention it is pouring down. Oh well, let us hope the weather in Koh Phayam will be better.

Note: This post was written on Dec, 27th 2014.


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