Sunday, 23 December 2012

 Look of the day N° 104 - Check! Tartan trousers fit!

Sorry guys I haven't posted anything for quite a while. It's just that other things in life getting more important for me. On top I've just won a Kindle Fire HD at the Christmas party from work and the tablet world makes me more excited than blogging at the mo...ha ha.

However I'm definitely not giving up blogging. Posts will just not appear that regularly in future anymore. I hope you understand that blogging besides a full-time job is quite exhausting even though I enjoy what I'm doing here. For me as a person, who's perfectionist and passionate in everything I do it takes just to much time...time I don't really have, when coming home at half seven. Hope you understand.

At least I managed to take some pictures of the outfit I'm wearing right now. I bought the tartan trousers at River Island quite a while ago with the aim to lose that much weight I'll be able to fit in it. After 3 months of heavy exercise I'm now able to wear them. Yeah! So happy. How do you like the look? Ohhh and stupid me...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

trousers - River Island │ top - Urban Outfitters │ waist coat & necklace - vintageshoes - Converse

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

 Get 50% off at MOTEL

Hi guys, just to let you know I'm quite busy again. Thought it will be less busy this week, but nah even more things to do. Reckon it's because of Christmas...buying gifts, trying to get rid of the last few kilos I need to reach my optimum weight- means lots of (Zumba) exercise and also Christmas parties on top...HELL YEAH. 

Just to keep you entertained a bit I've got a special treat for you. MOTEL offers 50 percent off on all sale items. It's even nicer, cause the sale isn't on yet and when clicking on the picture below you will be directed to a secret sale site. Just put in the code XMASPREVIEW50 at the checkout. Whoooo. Enjoy!

Motel Clothing

Monday, 10 December 2012

 UDOBUY the new Romwe?

Sorry guys I haven't posted for quite a while, but times have changed and other things are more important at the moment than blogging. I can't really talk about this, as it is a bit vague at the moment, but I keep you in the loop.

As I promised ages ago I'd like to tell you a bit of my experience with this Romwe-like shop UDOBUY. You might remember the post, where I've shown you the coat and the boots I've just ordered from them. I've never heard of them before and wasn't quite sure, if it would be worth ordering. Now that I've received my goods I can definitely confirm it is. 

The items arrived three weeks after the purchase, which is quite quick for a shop based in China/Japan whatever. Quality is not as good as Topshop for instance, but definitely better than the quality of Primark clothing. Especially the UDOBUY boots haven't had the chemical tang boots from Primark usually have. I'm a UK 5/EUR 38, ordered this size and wow they fit perfectly. Same with the coat. I was a bit concerned the coat might be too small as it is just available in 'One Size' I'm 1,71m and Asian girls are not really known to be 'tall' if you know what I mean. So when it arrived and I first put it on I was happy it actually fit. The only thing that annoyed me; the coat was heavily rumpled (as shown on picture 6), cause UDOBUY didn't send it in a box and so it just arrived in a plastic bag. However, I put the coat on a hanger, left it for a week and the creases went so that I was able to wear the coat.

The delivery, especially the coat, arrived well in time for the freezing season. I'm wearing it every day since, cause it's just so warm and cosy. Due to the fake fur on the hood I don't even need a scarf anymore and the coat keeps me still warm, when just a shirt underneath. Aaarghhh I love love love it. This is definitely the warmest coat I've ever owned. 

Bottom line: delivery time quick for a shop based in Asia, quality acceptable, sizes well measured, boots comfortable, coat warm & cosy, 125 USD (95€/£78) well spent. UDOBUY highly recommended. Körsti happy.

Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order
Udobuy order

The coat can be found HERE and the boots HERE.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

 Damn, too much party!

Sorry guys, I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. It's just that I'm working my ass of to lose some kilos (it's Christmas in 3 weeks!) and attend Zumba classes 4 times a week after work. When coming home I'll just chill and can't be bothered to take pictures for an outfit post. At the same time I have many ideas, what to write blog posts about. Plus on top;the udobuy coat and the boots arrived a week ago and as some of you have requested a feedback as soon as they arrive I'm gonna write a review about. I will definitely do this and try to at least publish a post every 2nd day, whilst the exhausting and late Zumba lessions.

Please find below a picture of me just before I left for the Unleash Katermukke warehouse party yesterday. Both djs Dirty Doering & Britta Arnold have done better and the crowd was bloody lethargic. So I was quite happy I got an early bird and just paid 11 pounds instead of 35 as some people did, who had to buy a last release ticket. Thank good they ran a free after party for everyone, who'd attend the main party. It was really nice and I danced a lot from 6am this morning til 10:30am.

As it was a Katermukke party (Katermukke = record label of Kater Holzig, which is owned by the same people, who did run the Bar 25) I wanted to create a special and more outrageous look than usually. Therefore I bought those craft glitter stickers from the pound shop and stuck a few of them on my head. I also put lots of glitter in gold around my eyes. What do you think? Like it?


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

 Look of the Day N° 103 - I'm ravin' I'm ravin'

Hi guys. Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I was just too exhausted. I'm trying to loose weight, but just can't stop eating chocolate, so I decided to party a lot instead. Ha Ha. Nah, not really. It's just that I got promoted and have 50 pence more to spend per month. LOL

Not sure, if you have heard of the Mannheim/GER based record label Cécille. They had their first ever label night in London on Sunday at my beloved Village Underground. Sunday, right..it was quite nice to attend another Sunday afternoon party here in London. I used to do this quite often, when living in Berlin, but as it's not very popular here in London to go partying on a Sunday it's quite rare that I actually have the possibility to do this here in London. Means as soon as a good Sunday rave is announced I'm in.

I already told you that I'm very into glitter and outrageous clothes for my night or in this case better day out. I love glitter, but I adore it during the day as the sun makes it sparkling a lot more. 

As I didn't wear loud colours for the clothing I decided to 'Richtig auf die Kacke hauen' (indeed, English readers google this one and let me know, the translation you've found -ha ha-) with accessories. So I did put on my glittering cat mask purchased from H&M ages ago and lots of golden glitter around my eye. What do you think? Are you similar, when partying or do you like it more casual?

denim shorts - Forever 21 │ top - vintage │ mask - H&M

Sunday, 25 November 2012

 New header! How do you like it?

Hi guys! It's not much to say today. It's raining a lot in London since Friday and I seriously thought the world is ending last night as it was so damn stormy I could even feel the wind blowing, whilst lying in bed.

You might have realised I got a new header. The old one wasn't up to date anymore, as I don't have a fringe nor blonde hair anymore. Gosh, I love the new header so much. It was also designed by my friend Adrian, who did the one before. He's such a great talent and I'm quite happy he had some spare time to design a new one. On top he created a logo for my blog as well. How cool is that? OMG, so happy.

What do you think? Do you like the new header?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

 Fail...just spend another 40 quid on River Island

My plan was to save a bit of money for Christmas, but I already failed. Damn, why did River Island just sent a newsletter informing that they offer free shipping on all orders placed till tomorrow. I had to browse through the River Island online store and of course found something. To be exact, those two shirts you can see below. I did flirt with them for months, but due to my 'no shopping before Christmas rule' never bought them. Now I'm 40 pounds worse off and feel bad, however as soon as I'll receive them I'll be happy again. LOL

Ohhh and by the way; it's free shipping on any orders world wide at River Island right now. It doesn't matter how many pieces you order and where you want it to be delivered, it will be for free as long as you order until Friday midnight.

River Island finds